With the rising demand of eco-friendly items, it has become very important that people adhere to their social responsibility and give their contributions in the environmental benefits. One of the many eco-friendly items being used today is the reusable grocery bags. But how many reusable grocery bags can one afford to buy which is why we have come up with a DIY solution of making your own recycled bags with logo that are stylish enough and reusable as well.

Here is how you make a reusable shopping tote bag with just a t-shirt.

How to make a t shirt Tote bag without Sewing?

Supplies needed:

  • Old t-shirt with a thick material to make a sturdy bag
  • Sharp fabric scissors are preferable
  • Use a washable marker (optional)

Directions to proceed

  • Cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt:

Cut the sleeves of the t-shirt. Fold the t-shirt in two equal halves so that both the trees that you cut identical. If the material is very thick you can use fabric scissors and cut just one sleeve at a time. Fold the t-shirt in half induce the cut side as your guide to cut the next sleeve.

  • It’s time to cut the neckline area

Turn t-shirt Inside Out and use a bowl to trace the outline so that you can cut it easily. If you are an expert then you can do a free hand cutting in oval shape for a round shape as you like.

  • Determine the depth of the bag

Turn the shirt inside out and determine how deep you want your bag to be. Once you have determined you can trace a line across the t-shirt. You need to know that your bag will stretch according to the fabric of the t-shirt.

  • Cut the fringes

Now you need to cut small slits on the bottom of the t-shirt all along the marking at the bottom of your bag. You will have to cut both the front and the back side as they should be identical. If the slits are not identical then there will be gaps in your slit which will not make a sturdy bag. Cut the slits 1 inch apart from each other.

  • Tie the fringes

Here comes the hard part. After you have cut the fringes properly you need to tie those fringes. This is a time taking task as you need to tie the fringes very carefully. You need to tie the knots together. Try by trying the first 3 knots. When you lift your bag after trying the 3 knots, you will see that there are gaps in between. You need to try the next step that will close all these gaps.

Now you have to take the middle fringe from the set of the first 3 fringes and tie it with the left strand to make a knot. Now you take the other fringe from the middle and tie it to the strand present in the right. Then you have to take the one from the right side and tie it to the next set of strands. Keep repeating it for all the sets.

Turn your bag upside down and Voila, the tote bag is ready for you to use.Eco-friendly and easy.