Corporate branding and product marketing are the two important ways to market your product and services of a company. Each of these types of advertising strategies provides its own outcome. This article tells you the difference between product marketing and corporate branding.

What are the different types of branding done in business?

Branding is done in various ways. One of them is standalone branding. The kind of corporate branding depends on the kind of labeling that your business has done.

If the product is labeled on its own, then it is called as stand-alone branding or product branding. If the company name is used in the labeling, it is called as monolithic branding or corporate branding.

There is the third type of branding, called as endorsed branding or dual branding. This type of labeling includes the name of the individual brand for any product and a brand name for any corporation. It is a combination of product and corporate branding.

Templafy is one of the best companies online for implementing corporate and product-based branding. Product branding entices customers through values linked to the product that is being sold.

Corporate branding aims at the identity and values of the organization and relates to their products. It is one of the ways of branding that forms an identity for the company that is associated with the products, and the actions taken by the organization.

About Product Branding

Some companies use product branding as their sole marketing strategy in a business. In this type of branding a business sell a wide variety of products, ranging from personal care and beauty to household products. Every single product has got its own branding.

A few of these popular products also have dedicated social media webpages and websites. They come with distinctive symbols, logos, slogans and advertising taglines. The parent company is not mentioned in the product except on the label.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is different from product branding in a few ways. Instead of talking about any single service or product, the brand signifies the entire business and its reputation.

The company may have various products and services to offer. All of them can be advertised under one corporate brand to its consumers. With it, the brand induces the right feeling in its consumers, like an expectation of superior quality and trust.

Corporate branding is done in several different ways. One of them is announcing its values. If a corporation supports public cause or charity, then it differentiates it from its competitor.

Sponsorships for different types of television and sports programs are also effective in corporate branding. It helps in putting the corporate brand. These kinds of strategy never advertise individual products and services sold by the brand.


All these branding types offer different types of benefits to a business. A dual marketing approach gives you the benefits of corporate and product branding.

When a business has an influential brand, then irrespective of the branding approach used, it becomes easily recognized. This increases the customer’s trust in the brand and generates loyal customers that make them visit the brand again and again.