Using the extract of cannabis plants for medicinal purpose has been in practice for hundreds of years. The extracts like its oil is used to cure multiple ailments. Its best use is to get relief from chronic pain, muscle strain, insomnia and to cure mental health issues.

Since the Cannabis oil has been quite helpful to man, research has been done to find whether it helps animals. It seemed like a blessing that the studies showed the CBD oil was found to be a boon for animals. Hence, if you are a pet owner especially of dogs, it is best to know about the cannabis oil.

cbd for dogs

Know more about Cannabis extracted oil:

As the name states, CBD oil is in liquid form taken from cannabis and hemp plant. This kind of plants flower glands contain cannabinoids required to be derived by using many methods of extraction. There are numerous kinds of cannabinoids present, all together forms an effective medicine.  CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is safest for medication purpose as it doesn’t have THC that is present in Marijuana cannabis plants. THC having CBD oil can be used, however there are chances of enduring its psychoactive effect.

How is CBD oil without THC useful as dog medication?

The CBD oil as an active effect on endocannabinoid receptors of the nervous symptoms, hence it helps dogs in getting relief from neuropathic pain and the best part it plays in controlling the occurrence of seizures. The other health issues can be treated like nausea, stimulating the hunger pangs to norm, can solve cardiac health issues and drive away anxiety.

The best plus point in prescribing CBD oil for dogs is there are minimal side effects if taken in the right proportions as prescribed. Dosage levels are decided in accordance to age, gender and the kind of ailment the dog is suffering from. Over dosage may lead to dog remaining sedative the whole day, have the feeling of dry mouth and blood pressure may be lowered.

There is no doubt that CBD oil once consumed will have calming effect on your dog, helpful in eliminating their pain and make them have restful sleep, however you need to provide CBD oil in required proportions, not more than prescribed. If you are unsure about its effects on your pet dog, you can start with small dosage amount. If you find no ill effects, gradually increase the dosage level to the required level.

Buy good quality CBD oil:

CBD for dogs needs to be of superior quality, otherwise there are chances of your pet falling sick. Hence, it is best to buy good CBD oil from well known sources.

Pointers to help you to buy the best:

  • Buy natural oil. In the market, you may get chemically induced CBD oil, check the ingredients on the cover of the pack before you purchase the oil.
  • It will be right to buy from a reliable vendor. While searching online, make sure to read the reviews of their earlier customers.

Buy the products having been clinically tested. The testing certificate helps to know the amount of CBD present in the oil is right for medication purpose.