The glamour and exuberance of chandelier can transform any space and it is not just meant for the dining room space. Right from your living room to your kitchen and yes, even your bathroom, you can find a reason to install a chandelier.

Let us see how you can totally change the look of any area of your home by hanging chandelier lights.

  • In your living room

For your living space a living room chandelier will be perfectly fine as it can certainly decorate the place and increase the glamour.

All of us love to see this space is highlighted with elegance and with such crystal lightings you can also illuminate even your dusky gray walls.

  • Kitchen

Use of kitchen chandelier has now become the latest trend and nowadays there are a variety of designs available for chandelier meant for kitchen which can really offset the sleek lines as well as utilitarian finishes of your kitchen with playful and sculptural chandelier.

This lighting fixture is at the center of the room and its open design will ensure clear views of the entire stunning range hood. If you have sufficient space, then hang two matching chandeliers to get double the impact.

  • Dining room

There is one of the rooms where a chandelier will be most expected, and that is your dining room and hence you must try to fit something which is a little offbeat.

Use a crystal-encrusted ship, which is a cluster of a number of glass “bubbles”. With these playful designs you will be able to lend a whimsical atmosphere to your meal time.

  • Entryway

You will not find any better place to hang a chandelier other than at the entry like this crystal sparkler that will signal all your guests to expect certain major style ahead.

If your apartment is just a pint-size then installing a chandelier will be just a dash of drama that will be needed to make your makeshift foyer to feel like a grand entrance.

  • Bedroom

Bedroom is another place which can easily be spiced up with this truly fabulous kind of light fixture. The high ceilings will be able to handle oversize and tiered designs, e.g. such gracefully curved crystals.

It will really help to make your room feel much more intimate. You can also add a dimmer switch as a harsh overhead light will have no place in the sleep space.

  • In your guest room

Also, your most petite guest room can accommodate chandelier light and it will be a perfect way to make the room feel a little more thoughtful.

With this lighting fixture, you will make a tucked-under-the-eaves bed equally cozier, while the intricate design will also add interest to your small space.

  • Bathroom

With a showstopping chandelier, you can surely increase luxe factor of the bathroom. Finished with gleaming brass and with glass rods, such multilayered piece will elevate even your most uninspiring bath fixtures.

Various modern pointed chandeliers can definitely make a big impression in the entire area of the contemporary home space.