Many of us may have scars on the body which may not be too serious in nature and does not cause any significant problem. However, for few others scar can have a major impact on the quality of their life, which may also be a reason for psychological distress.

Medical researchers have found that CBD can also help remove various skin problems and also reduce our scar.

Can we use CBD for treating scars?

CBD can work by acting on our body’s endocannabinoid system called ECS. ECS can regulate many different biological functions including our tissues and the skin. It can play a role in the development of cell growth and also regulate our inflammatory response.

Therefore, with the enhancement of activity in our ECS, CBD may be able to heal and reduce formation of scar.

As per the study done on 2016, cannabinoids like CBD has both anti-inflammatory and also antifibrotic properties.

Also, CBD can help in preventing acne scarring and provide relief.

This will mean that it can reduce production of sebum, which is an oily substance that will build up in our skin and causing acne. It has been concluded by the researchers that CBD certainly deserves full exploration as potent, agents of anti-acne.

How CBD can be used for Scar treatment?

Latest research on CBD suggests that it can play a role in enhancing healing of wound and reduce formation of scar. However, it will be necessary to use CBD correctly to obtain its most significant benefits.

Though most people prefer to use CBD tincture by taking it orally, but this may not be quite effective in reducing scarring. To get better impact of CBD on our skin, it is necessary that it must be applied directly on the affected area.

Therefore, we should either apply CBD oil directly on the scar area or use certain cream or ointment. Usually, ointments can be thicker and greasier as compared to creams. Hence, they take much longer to get absorbed and also have better moisturizing properties.

Studies made during 2019 suggests that ointment of CBD can be helpful for the scars. It was tried on 20 patients with various skin conditions which also include scarring. CBD ointment was applied twice daily for 3 months.

The patients displayed improvements in every skin parameter like skin hydration and also elasticity. Also, no reports were seen of any allergic reaction/irritation.

However, size of the sample of this trial was relatively much smaller and also there was almost no control on the group, so more research is needed to confirm accuracy of all these results.

In case, you are considering to use CBD ointment to treat scars, then remember probably it will not heal completely, but it can help in improving the overall texture and appearance of new scars. Using CBD oil to treat old scars probably will have little effect.

In order to gain most benefits, start applying CBD during healing process at the earliest. Hence, we never recommend that you use it on any broken skin. You must wait until scab has formed, after that begin the application.