Driving is an important skill as it gives you freedom to plan your own ride. You must have a valid driving license to drive your vehicle on the road. Learner’s license is the first step towards the permanent license and the minimum age to apply is sixteen years. Your license is a document that contains information about you and the type of vehicle that you can ride with that license. This post will guide you to get a learner’s license.

To get a learner’s license you have to pass a basic knowledge test that contains questions on safety and traffic rules. You can book driving lessons to improve your driving skills. You can hire a professional driving instructor to help you with driving rules and regulations. These days, you can book professional driving lessons without any hassle.

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You can visit the website and book driving lessons online. You can choose your schedule and find a driving instructor in your suburb. A professional driving instructor has good name and fame in their field so they will work hard to make you a better driver. A professional driving instructor will help you to learn driving safely.

Things to Know

  • The process to get a Learner’s License is quite simple. The minimum age to apply for the learner’s license is sixteen years. You would need two documents that prove your identity. You can now book your Driver’s knowledge test online from the official website.
  • You must check out some previous papers as most of the questions repeat in the tests. This will also help you to get an idea about the test. You can go online and practice the sample test papers so that you can pass the test in first go. If you are unable to pass the test then, you can reappear for the test.
  • Now after passing the test you have to appear for an eyesight test. Once you pass the test you can pay the fees for your learner’s license.
  • Learner’s permit allows you to drive your vehicle under the supervision. Anyone who has a full or permanent license can supervise you while driving. There should be an L plate on your vehicle when you are driving with the Learner’s license.

There should be zero alcohol in your bloodstream while you are driving with the learner’s license. Even small amount of alcohol can cause distraction, which is not safe. If you are learning to drive you should not drive your vehicle at high speed as it can be risky and cause accidents. With learner’s license you should not exceed a certain speed limit.

These are some of the important things one should know to get a learner’s license.