Blocked drains create problem as it spreads nasty smell and water everywhere. The stagnant water remains in sink for hours if not cleaned. Hence, the first thing to do is clearing the clogged drains as soon as possible.

People in Sydney do prefer to solve the drainage problem themselves. There are many tricks to clear the drains for easy flow of water however all the time these methods don’t work. Hence, there is need to unblock drains Sydney by calling the plumbing experts. One such professional help having a well-trained experienced team ready to solve drainage problems is WILCO Relining. You just need to contact them to solve all kinds of drainage problems.

Here are few ways helping you to clear drains like a professional plumber:

  • To clear blocks using things available in home:
    • In kitchen and bathroom sinks, you can pour boiling water straight into the sink hole. The sticky material like grease, oil and of soap will be liquidised. Thus in few minutes the drain unblocks and water starts flowing.
    • Take rock salt and baking soda in equal measurements like half a cup each is best help to clear sink pipes. Firstly remove the stagnant water of the sink. Pour the salt and soda mixture over the hole and leave it undisturbed for half an hour. Then pour hot water over it, your sink pipe will be clear in few minutes.
    • Pour half cup vinegar over the blocking pipe to clear air bubbles and greasy materials.
    • A coat hanger needs to bended enough to clear the debris present in the pipes. Then you can pour hot water in the pipe to remove rest of sticky materials.
    • Sometimes to remove stubborn sticky materials you need to make mixture of caustic soda, vinegar, salt and baking soda in equal proportions to be poured over the clogged pipe.


  • The kind of tools aids for easy removal of clutters blocking the drains.
    • Hydro jets: An easy to use tool, favourite of plumbers as its high-pressure hose clears up the vacuum present in the pipes because of the blockage. The water gets pressured because of the device and simultaneously water forces over the clogged material forcing them to move out of drain.
    • Auger: It is even known as plumbing snake as it is flexible to find its way even in narrow drains to reach the blocking material and clear the way.
    • High pressure jet: One of the best tools for effective and instant cleaning of blocked drains.
    • Plunger – Mainly used to clean the drain having big holes at the usage end. Thus, the tool is perfect to clean blockage of toilet drains. It is used to create vacuum to force the clogging waste elements to move. Once the debris loosens up, high pressure water is forced blow over them to remove all completely.
  • Chemicals:
    • Caustic cleaners: You get them in nearby hardware stores or on online stores. A great help to clear pipes of sinks and bathroom drains. However, doesn’t prove effective to clean yard drains and toilets as it doesn’t remove solid matters.

It will be always beneficial to do regular maintenance of the drainage system by professionals.